The informal nicknames that the cannabis industry and its consumers have come up with to describe dabs can often be confusing for some. Put simply, dabs is the colloquial term that is often interchangeably used when referencing a category of cannabis products called concentrates or the process of smoking them, known as “dabbing.”

To complicate matters further, there is an abundance of different cannabis concentrates on the market that falls within this umbrella category of “dabs.” These products offer consumers a range of cannabinoids and terpenes, along with potent levels of THC between 50-90%. Therefore, they are highly acclaimed by cannabis connoisseurs and individuals with high THC tolerances.

While the world of dabbing may feel overwhelming at first, we will attempt to demystify and go over what dabbing is, how to dab, and point you in the right direction of what to dab with Ispure Devices. We revolutionized the world of dabbing with our sleek, ergonomic, and atomizer-free daab mobile dabbing device. Learn more about all the different types of concentrates you can enjoy with any of our patented vape technology.

What Are Concentrates?

To initially grasp a foundation of what dabs are, you must first understand what cannabis concentrates are. In general, Concentrates are the product of extracting substances from the cannabis plant through heat and pressure, or chemical synthesis (often referred to as solvent or solventless extraction), to create a plethora of different concentrated versions of the plant that range in viscosities and potencies. These concentrates may include: wax, shatter, badder, rosin, crumble, resin, distillate, and more. (Fun fact: concentrates are typically named for their texture.)

More specifically, concentrates are consumed through a process commonly called dabbing, however, not all concentrates are meant to be dabbed. Dabbing (or smoking concentrates), is carried out by using dab rigs, electronic rigs, nectar collectors, vape pens, and other dab pens. These devices, like those manufactured by Ispure, flash vaporize the concentrates at very high temperatures, providing consistently powerful and delicious hits each time.

For more information on concentrates, be sure to check out our other Ispure blog which is chalk- full of useful content about concentrates.

The Potential Benefits of Dabbing

Cannabis consumers may choose to dab for a variety of different reasons. For starters, concentrates are extremely potent and long-lasting. Depending on experience, a gram of concentrates will likely last smokers longer than an eighth of flower. Furthermore, consumers love the potentially immediate effects of dabbing. After taking a dab, individuals might experience cerebral effects within minutes—which might be great for consumers dealing with an illness like chronic pain, where they need immediate relief.

Moreover, concentrates often maintain the integrity of the plant’s terpenes and cannabinoids, delivering a full-body aroma and flavor profile. Additionally, depending on the extraction method, solventless concentrates like rosin, are made only through applying pressure and heat to trichome-dense portions of the plant.

Therefore, what’s left is an extremely pure substance (rosin) that doesn’t have any residual or potentially dangerous chemical additives involved. This is why rosin, along with other solventless concentrates, are thought to be a healthier option than other butane or ethanol extraction methods.

Dab With Us

As we have mentioned before, Ispure eliminates the need for a torch and/or difficult-to-use rigs by providing high-quality devices that are designed to work with a range of THC waxes of various viscosities. Our patented Ducore® technology offers dual heating cores that evenly heat cannabis oils to produce bold flavors—while also reducing the risk of clogs and leaks.

If you’re canna-curious, or interested in learning more about dabbing, check out our full guide to cannabis concentrates.

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