Summer is upon us with tons of events happening and other reasons to get outside and get high. The Ispure daab is the perfect mobile dabbing device for home, on-the-go, or enjoying with friends. In contrast to the popular Puffco Peak, the Ispure daab offers a few more features that might make your smoking experience more unique and enjoyable. With many consumers now looking for mobile dabbing options that don’t include atomizers, we thought it was worth doing a side-by-side comparison between the Puffco Peak and the Ispure daab. 

When comparing the Puffco Peak and the Ispure Daab, it’s important to acknowledge that both devices have done their part to revolutionize the dabbing space. While Puffco was a pioneer in mobile dab rig game, the team at Ispure elevated the portable dabber by creating the all-glass (no atomizer) daab device. We’ll break down why the setup, cleanup, affordability, and induction heating system makes the Ispure daab consistently stand out when compared to the Puffco Peak.

Ispure Daab vs Puffco Peak

Thanks to the invention of portable rigs, dabbing has become one of the most popular ways to consume cannabis concentrates on the go. People often turn to THC oils for a cleaner, more discreet, smoking experience. Before mobile rigs, if you wanted to dab on the go, you would need to navigate a blow torch – which can be a safety concern and a hassle.

Today, there are a tremendous amount of vaporizers on the market and it can be hard to narrow down the best fit. Many daily dabbers swear by the Puffco Peak when there are plenty of other options that may provide a more custom-tailored dabbing experience at a more accessible price. Where some enjoy the simplistic and preset options for dabbing with the Puffco, the Ispure daab offers more options for customizing your experience to suit your needs and best burn your oil.

The daab Offers Added Value At An Affordable Price

When the Puffco Peak was introduced to the market, people were ecstatic. This device was the first of its kind to leverage the intuitive features of a vape pen for loose concentrates. The Puffco is easy to use and has four (4) pre-programmed temp settings and relies on an atomizer to vaporize the product within. When the atomizers need to be replaced (which they will), users can easily detach and replace the part. However, this doesn’t come cheap. Replacement atomizers for the Puffco Peak can run over $60, before shipping! After investing close to $500 into a new Puffco device, the need to replace the main component can be taxing.

On the other hand, the Ispure Daab costs around $250 and doesn’t have any parts that need to be replaced. The Daab uses induction heating instead of an atomizer so you never have to worry about burning out the coils on this device. In addition to being reasonably priced, the simplistic design makes the Ispure daab a reliable option for dabbers of all levels. The quality of the Ispure e-rig is smooth and sturdy, which makes it ideal for smokers that have a tendency to be rough on their rigs.  

Additionally, this vaporizer even works while charging thanks to its unique pass through charging technology, allowing you to truly dab whenever and wherever you want. As an added benefit, the Ispure daab comes with a sturdy pelican case that makes it easy to protect and carry around on the road.

Ispure’s Temp Settings Stand Out

You can’t compare vaporizers without looking at the temperature settings available with each rig. Concentrate connoisseurs can be very picky with their settings, and rightfully so, since the temperature of your device directly correlates to the tastiness of your hit. The Puffco has 4 preset temps, none of which go below 450°F.

The Ispure daab is button-operated and lowers the temperature by increments of 5 degrees. This allows consumers to fine-tune their experience by dabbing at custom temps ranging from 250° to 800°F. This is a key feature of the daab when you consider that most terpenes burn off at 400°F. For true flavor hunters, the option of being able to take a hit at a temp below 400°F might provide them with not only more terps, but also the option of dabbing saucier concentrates.

Final Thoughts

With the Ispure daab, the power is truly in your hands. This durable device is user friendly and is known to deliver the perfect hit every time, from anywhere you see fit. The affordability and simplistic design makes the daab perfect for concentrate consumers that are looking for better temp control, easier upkeep, and less additional costs down the line.

The Puffco Peak has undeniably built a loyal following and covers a lot of the bases when you need a quick, convenient dab on the go. But, when it comes to long term use, the Ispure daab is statistically going to outperform the competition every time. See why customers are raving about the Ispure daab, or view our full line of devices here.

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