Dabbing is one of the cleanest and most effective ways to consume cannabis, and thanks to extensive advances in technology, more consumers are able to explore this form of consumption than ever before. By using a portable dabber, you can easily consume concentrates on the go. While the ispure daab may not be the first portable device on the market, reviewers are certainly labeling it as one of the best. We are confident that when you get your hands on this revolutionary dabber you’ll never want to go back to using a torch again.

The Perfect Portable Dabber
The ispure daab is redefining dabbing culture. Not only does it come in a sturdy Pelican case, making it perfect for travel, the unique design also utilizes induction heating instead of an atomizer! Dabbers looking to use this device as their daily driver will not have to worry about purchasing bulk atomizers in order to enjoy the tantalizing terps of their favorite extracts. Similarly, new users will not have to worry about burning out their atomizer during the first use! This portable dabber, and its durable hard-shell carrying case, makes it easy for concentrate lovers to get the perfect hit every time, from anywhere. Even better, the Daab is easy to use and does not require users to download a separate app to operate.

This portable dabber utilizes a proprietary Borosilicate (boro) glass-on-glass design that not only influences the production of smooth and flavorful hits, it also makes the Daab the cleanest and safest rig currently on the market. The ispure Daab offers smokers a discreet and consistently reliable experience that can easily be adjusted for personalized temperature control (ranging from 250° to 800°F). This device is perfect for dabbers of all shapes and sizes – whether you’re looking to use this portable dabber for high-temp clouds or for flavor filled “cold start” dabs. This sleek rig can fit in one hand, making it the perfect device for dabbing concentrates on the go.

While the daab is designed to allow users to consume freely—wherever they want, however they want—it is important to note that currently smoking in public is still illegal in most places. The ispure team is not encouraging public consumption of cannabis products. However, if you are looking to dab in the wild, this portable dabber is the perfect partner in crime.

Enjoy Extracts On The Go
Portable dabbers have quickly made an impact on the industry, and on cannabis culture as a whole. These devices showcase some of the most impressive advances in cannabis tech and have been able to enhance the end users experience with concentrates for the better. The overall quality and consistent functionality of the ispure daab makes it one of the smartest portable dabbers available. The daab offers users a way to elevate their experiences on the go. Enjoy your favorite extracts as they are heated with precision for the perfect hit every time, anywhere, and at any temp!

ispure is known for creating devices that enhance and maximize the overall dabbing experience. With the daab, ispure has kicked the portable dabber up a notch by creating one of the most dynamic e-rigs on the market. The precision-engineered daab was carefully designed to adapt to the boiling points of the cannabinoids and terpenes present in your concentrate, and has custom settings that keep you in control of the experience from start to finish. This luxurious portable dabber is made of premium materials to ensure the safest portable dabbing experience possible. In addition to quality parts, the daab was designed to be convenient enough to use with one hand with its improved grip and ergonomics.

Ditch The Torch
The daab by ispure allows you to easily enjoy concentrates on the go, while also giving you the ability to fine-tune temperature settings to consistently achieve the perfect hit. Gone are the days of worrying about getting burnt by a red hot rig or large (sketchy) torch. Opting for this portable dabber allows you to indulge in the smartest, cleanest, and safest dabbing experience on the market. You may not be able to stay home with your favorite traditional rig all day, but that shouldn’t prevent you from riding high on a concentrate haze.

The daab portable dabber gives you ultimate control over the dabbing experience from the quality and consistency of the vapor to the intensity of the effects. As the summer approaches, it is the perfect time to treat yourself to this state of the art portable dabbing device. The daab by ispure offers consumers a less messy (and less smelly) alternative to rolling a joint—making it the perfect device to bring to your next mobile smoke sesh.

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