A Safer Alternative to Torches

Dabbing revolution – Induction heating technology
eliminates the risk of traditional dabbing hazards.


Pure Solution - Pure Glass

The first to achieve all glass solution of critical path from the very first touch of the concentrate to the vapor inhale. It is clean, safe and keep the original flavor and essence to users. High-temperature, impact resistant materials are used to meet the requirement of safe use.

Temperature Control

A safe, and convenient way of temperature control.
LED screen shows temperature,
allowing you to find your sweet spot
between 250 and 800 Fahrenheit.

Mighty Mighty Clouds of Joys

Wireless high-frequency induction heating
technology greatly improves the heating experience, 
giving you mighty mighty clouds of joy

Rechargeable and External 18650 Battery

Power is key, and with the 18650 battery you’ll always have power. You can charge it in the device with the charging cable or you can take it out to charge in a charging tray for a deeper charge. Or have a couple on hand and put a fresh battery in to keep the fun rolling.


2x Concentrate Cups
1x Carb Cap
1x Straight Banger
1x Angled Banger
1x Charging Cable
2x Batteries
1x User Manual
1x Warranty Cardd


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