Total heating efficiency and flavorable  porosity

The heating tip offers excellent absorption efficiency and uniform heating distribution. Which significantly reducing the chance of burnt taste and while enhancing the fidelity of the flavor, thus delivering users the most optimal smoking experience.

Welcome to the  Flavor Town

Borosilicate glass chamber not only provides robust hardness, but also outstanding stability and remarkable high-emperature stability. Borosilicate glass provides users with pure flavor and the finest smoking experience.

Magic Silicone – Brings Your Experience to the Next Level

Silicone mouthpiece to prevent concentrate going straight into your mouth. Also, with a smooth finish, it feels comfortable on your lips.

Find Your Sweet Spot - 3 Settings of Voltage

Device provides 3 setting of voltages (3.2V, 3.7V, 4.2V),
providing you the right temperature for dabbing.



Have it Your Way - Auto Mode and Manual Mode

Device provides 2 working modes. One is Manual Mode. The other is Auto Mode. Manual Mode puts you in control – Push the button, heat it up, and take a hit. Auto Mode will preheat the heating tip for 15 seconds and do the rest for you to have better dabbing experience.

On The Fly

Compact, lightweight, and portable dabbing device.

Let you dab anywhere you want–when you want.

Easy to Assemble - Just like Lego

The daabPen quickly comes apart for easy cleaning and it is so simple. It is just like putting Legos together.


1x daabPen

1x Mouthpiece Cap

1x Charging Cable

1x User Manual

1x Warranty Card


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