We know you want to get to using your new daab quick so here’s the down and dirty on getting the best from your daab.

1. Turn ON/OFF 

Press Fire button 5 times quickly. We recommend starting at 440°F, and, over time, adjusting to the ideals temperature for your type of concentrate. The light inside the base will flash red until it senses the concentrate cup is secured. Once heat induction starts, it flashes orange until it reaches the set temperature.

2. Set your temp

 Use +/- buttons for the ideal temp for your concentrate type, start low, in the 400-500°F range, we recommend starting at 420° because…420!

3. Let’s get Activated
Once you set your temperature, press the fire button twice quickly to activate the Auto Heat Mode, and press once to stop Auto Mode.

4. Wait for it
 The orange light illuminating the glass chamber flashes as it heats. When it’s at temp, it glows solid, beeping 3 times to let you know it’s ready.
For “cold start” dabs, place a chunk of concentrate into the concentrate cup before heating. Cold starts are the ticket to Flavor-Town to taste the full terpene profile as the heat rises!

  1. Enjoy
    If you want, start inhaling anytime while daab is heating (best is when you see vapor rising from cup). Cover the concentrate cup with provided glass card cap for bigger, mikier, and denser hits.
    Play around with the daab and figure out your best dab experience—enjoy!

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