Dabbing has become a popular method for consuming cannabis concentrates, offering a potent and flavorful experience. Whether you’re a seasoned dabber or new to the scene, this step-by-step guide will walk you through the process of taking a dab, ensuring you get the most out of your dabbing experience.

  1. Gather Your Gear
  • Dab rig, dab pen, or e-rig
  • Torch or electronic nail (e-nail)
  • Dab tool
  • Cannabis concentrate (such as hash, rosin, or wax)
  • Carb cap (optional)

2. Preparing Your Dab Rig

  • If any of your gear is new, consider seasoning it by heating and cleaning to remove any factory residue.
  • Fill the dab rig’s water chamber with enough water to cover the percolators without overfilling.
  • Attach the nail or banger to the dab rig if using a traditional setup.

3. Applying the Cannabis

  • For hot-start dabs:
  • Heat the nail/banger with a torch until it’s glowing red (for traditional dab rigs) or set the e-nail to your desired temperature (recommended: 315-450°F).
  • Use a dab tool to take a small amount of cannabis concentrate, about the size of a grain of rice.
  • Carefully place the concentrate onto the heated nail/banger or into the heating chamber of your e-rig, avoiding contact with the hot surface.
  • For cold-start dabs:
  • Place the concentrate on the nail/banger or in your e-rig chamber before heating.
  • Once the desired temperature is reached, inhale the vapor as you would with a hot-start dab. This method is standard for all ISPURE devices.

4. Inhaling the Vapor

  • Once the concentrate is applied, cover the nail/banger with a carb cap (if available) to maximize vaporization.
  • Use the mouthpiece to begin inhaling slowly and steadily while gently rotating the dab tool to ensure the concentrate fully vaporizes.
  • Continue inhaling for a few seconds, then exhale slowly.

5. Optional – Use a Carb Cap

  • If you have a carb cap, place it over the nail or banger after placing the concentrate to create a chamber, allowing for lower temperature and more controlled vaporization. This can enhance the flavor and overall experience of your dab.

6. Post-Dab Care

  • Swab out residual material after each dab.
  • Clean your dabbing equipment with 90% isopropyl alcohol regularly to maintain optimal flavor and performance.
  • Store your concentrates in a cool, dark place (like the fridge or freezer) to preserve their potency.

For those using an ISPURE device:

  • Load your concentrate into the chamber with a Hot Knife or dab tool.
  • Select your temperature.
  • Double-click to initiate the heat cycle.
  • Inhale and enjoy.

Remember, always start with a small amount and gradually increase as you gauge your body’s response to the dab. Enjoy your dabbing experience responsibly!

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